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Up until now SAKS Credit services were only available to the rich and affluent. Our high end clients range from professional athletes, entertainers to corporate executives who have had issues and challenges with their credit for various reasons.
Same Service. Same Performance. Same Level of Respect.
We here at SAKS Credit believe every client should be treated as a VIP client NO matter the situation or circumstance.

The Scary Truth

A known fact is, identity theft is on the rise and millions each year are affected by the residual damages of such and penalized, by not being approved for mortgages, auto loans, or just basic necessities needed for every day living.

Another fact, its common that new and existing professional athletes whom were not taught the rules of finances and credit sometime fall victim to not understanding and knowing the costly mistakes that can haunt a person for up to a decade or more, preventing the ability to maximize their new found wealth and creating a cycle of expensive MONEY.
What is expensive money? Answer, it is high interest rates and keep you captive within a continuous cycle.


SAKS Credit will fix your credit.

Get your life back

We at SAKS CREDIT have solutions to eradicate all of the unfair business practices where banks and business treat good people like bad people. Get your Life BACK! We are here to help!

Fix your credit in 30 days

Our VIP clients have spent upwards of several thousands of dollars for our stellar services which has helped them and can help you get your life back in within 30 days or less.

Top level credit repair now available to all

Our clients through the years have asked us to provide and make available our life changing services to their family members and to the general public, and at a discount, understanding the value of what we offer and have been able to achieve for so many in a life changing manner. We listened, and are here for you TODAY!


Clients say…

Look at what we’ve been able to do for one client recently
Marie Raleigh
Hi! I am Marie Raleigh NC

I’m a single mother of four, I’ve been struggling for years after losing my husband. Recently, I had a desire to purchase a new car because mine was on the blink and the repairs were more than my car was worth. I found a new car that I really liked, and because my credit scores were averaging 398 , the dealership got me approved with 10k down and offered me a 27% interest rate. My daughter gave me the 10k to put down on my new car, but then a friend of mine told me about SAKS CREDIT, he advised me to not fall into that trap and make a life changing decision. I paid only $4500 for the service, and within 30 days my scores were averaging 790 across the board.

I was not only approved for a car loan with no money down, but with only a 3% interest rate, my credit union gave me a credit card for $17k limit, plus a $15k cash loan. That was life changing for me and my family, and most of all, the banks now treat me with respect again!

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